Tony Stubblebine posted Exporting from CrowdVine

If you want to keep in touch with the people you met at the conference you can move their contact info into your address book and move their blogs into your feed reader. CrowdVine supports vcard export. The export includes all of your mutual contacts.

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Sally Khudairi posted HALO/Foodie Dinners – ApacheCon

Reviving the Sally/HALO/Foodie dinner during ApacheCon ... what initially started as a late-running reception in Orlando became a series of late-night dinners for twelve+ at Nobu/Vegas, evolved into a fun ten-top in San Diego, and most recently, a wonderfully lavish 9-course tasting menu in Atlanta. If there’s interest this April/Amsterdam, I’m thinking about doing something at Restaurant De Kas. Yes, it’s a bit out of the way, but seems worth it... [read more]

Sally Khudairi: Thanks, Emmanuel! We like to have fun :-D I've just made reservations at the Business Table for 8PM on Wednesday, 10 April. If you'd like to join us, please let me know as soon as possible, as we only have a limited number of seats available. See you... [read more]
Sally Khudairi: Whoops! I meant Wednesday *** 9th April *** I'm getting ahead of myself. We're holding a spot for you. Ciao for now, Sally
Sally Khudairi: The 2008/Amsterdam: Foodie Dinner took place this evening at De Kas Restaurant and Nursery -- the lovely, Piet Boon-designed organic eatery located in Frankendael Park south of the City Ce... [read more]

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Shane Curcuru posted ApacheCon US CFP is open!

Go submit your CFP's for ApacheCon US 2008, this November in New Orleans! We have a very short CFP period this year, so go do it now. Don't be late - we really can't extend the CFP this time like some folks seem to think we will... 8-)

Sally Khudairi: Shane, I've heard rumours that it *has* been extended. Is this true?

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Matthias Wessendorf posted Hello

looking forward to Amsterdam ... :)

Sally Khudairi: Likewise, Matthias! Let's cheer your new Membership :-)

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Jim Jagielski posted Getting to the hotel

What is the most *convenient* way of getting from the airport to the hotel? After the long flight and with luggage, I'm going to want as easy a method as possible *grin*

Sally Khudairi: Taxis are excellent in the city, and immediately available at Schiphol -- I've never had to wait for one. Alternatively, you can hire a chauffeured Mercedes S-class for about €100 each way (a bit less for an E-class). Some of our colleagues do public... [read more]

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Nick Kew posted Travel from UK

Is anyone else taking the luxury[1] option of travelling UK-NL by ferry? I gave it a try last year, and was so happy with it that this year I insisted on it! Details at [1] at budget price, too:-)

Joe Orton: I once did Harwich->Zebrug (I think) in bad weather. Very unpleasant for an unreasonably long time. Never again. The "luxury" of KLM from Norwich airport, for me ;)

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Tony Stubblebine posted Personal Session Calendar

I just posted the conference calendar to CrowdVine. Check it out under the My Schedule tab. It's based on a soon-to-release open source project icalico from Evan Henshaw-Plath and Kellan Elliott-McCrea.

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Schedule is split into five(!) calendars, just to make organisation a little easier :-) If you're viewing these in Google Calendar, you may need to set your timezone to Europe/Amsterdam (GMT+1) for them to show up correctly. Trainings: iCal - Google Calendar Plenaries: iCal - Google Calendar Track 1: iCal - Google Calendar Track 2: iCal - Google Calendar Track 3: iCal - Google Calendar

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Shane Curcuru posted Local maps of Amsterdam places?

Do any locals want to contribute some maps of recommended Amsterdam places? I'd love to see someone's tips for the best sights to see and places to have dinner, especially on one of the nicely interactive maps that many sites support now - I still prefer google, but that's just me. The main website includes a basic link to S.P.'s guide to Amsterdam, but a map would be nice too.

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Sally Khudairi posted So how do we get this party started?

Hello all (signed up thus far!) Trying to figure out how to "start a conversation" ... no doubt someone will do this; it just seems a bit non-intuitive ... have been poking around the site, but can't find the easy (and, no doubt, wholly obvious) route. We'll chat soon, I'm sure. See y'all next month!

Delia Frees: Oh boy! A new toy and networking tool :) Thought I'd comment on your comment just as a test. Silly... but a good way to learn.
Tony Stubblebine: Everything gets a lot more obvious when the network is launched and full of people. I'm still working to set it up.

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